Giant cake to celebrate Thang Long – Hanoi anniversary

Published:  00:00 Saturday - February 27, 2010

Giant cake to celebrate Thang Long – Hanoi anniversary

A giant Banh Day (a traditional Vietnamese cake) will be transported from Phu Minh town in Hanoi to Bai Dinh pagoda in Ninh Binh province on a festival next week of March 3.

The cake was made in honour of the 1,000th anniversary of Thang Long – Hanoi and the traditional cake-making craft of Quan Ganh village, Thuong Tin district in Hanoi.

It has been recognized as the biggest Banh Day in Vietnam by the National Book of Records.

The lotus-shaped cake weighs 2,010 kilos and is 2.010m in diameter. Its upper side is carved with Ly Dynasty dragon. It took artisans, sculptors and other experts nearly four months to complete the project.

The cake will be displayed at the Bai Dinh pagoda festival which falls on March 3 (or the 18th day of the first lunar months). It will be then sliced for approximately 10,000 pilgrims.

It was made on the initiative of Nguyen Chi Bao, chairman of the Cultural Heritage Association of Vietnam, and is sponsored by TST Investment and Development Company.

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