Bai Tu Long – bewitching untouched bay in northern Vietnam

Published:  14:17 Tuesday - November 29, 2016

Bai Tu Long – bewitching untouched bay in northern Vietnam

Visitors to Ha Long Bay, a natural wonder home to over 1,000 islets, will be amazed at Bai Tu Long, which is a charming bay with smooth sandbars, clear water, historical relics and countless specialties.

Located in Tonkin Gulf in the northeast of Vietnam, Bai Tu Long Bay covers the waters of Ha Long and Cam Pha cities, and the island district of Van Don in Quang Ninh province. It includes hundreds of islets of all sizes, many big enough for habitation.

Bai Tu Long Bay is home to many traces of Ha Long Culture that dates back thousands of years. 

It features limestone and schist islets – a result of geological formations lasting over 300 million years. Famous islets include Bai Tho, Con Coc, Tien Ong, Con Rua, Dam Oan, Mat Quy, and Con Co. Some outstanding caverns there are Thien Canh Son Carven, Tam Cung Cavern and Me Cung Cavern.

The bay also harbors beautiful beaches such as Con Co, Van Don, Quan Lan, Minh Chau and Co To.

Quan Lan Island is a must-visit destination for tourists to Bai Tu Long. It is suitable for adventurers as well as those who love simple and romantic experiences thanks to the harmony of sea, forest, culture and architecture.

Visitors can also tour the fishing village on Minh Chau Island or Cai Lang – the oldest village there.

Thong Thien Cave, Phat Co Island, and Ban Sen Island are among other destinations tourists should have a look at. Sailing to explore submerged forests or swimming in the clear water off Uyen Uong beach are recommended experiences.

Additionally, vacationers can visit Cua Ong Temple and Van Hoa port or walk through forests to experience the hospitality of ethnic Tay, Red Dao and San Diu people in their villages across Bai Tu Long Bay.

Local delicacies like dishes made from jack mackerels, cobia and peanut worms are a plus to Bai Tu Long’s attractiveness.

With tourism potential and appropriate development plans, Bai Tu Long Bay is expected to become an ideal destination for nature lovers soon. ___ VNA

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