Tourist agents, travelers protest ban of Kayak tours in Ha Long Bay

Published:  08:41 Saturday - April 01, 2017

Tourist agents, travelers protest ban of Kayak tours in Ha Long Bay

Tourist agents, travelers are unhappy for a ban of Kayak tours in Ha Long Bay, which is one of favorite tourist services, lately.

People's Committee of the northern province of Quang Ninh, home to Ha Long Bay, has imposed a ban on kayak tours at the World Natural Heritage Site. 

The ban will take effect on April 1.

As per a document on March 29, all kayak tour operators must stop the service since April 1. 

The administrators said that there has been a boom in kayak tours in the bay because paddling a kayak through the drowned limestone karst landforms scattered across the bay and admiring the area’s natural beauty have become a favorite activity for visitors to Ha Long while service operator have no approved business plans.

Additionally, business of the tour have not either posted price of the tour or charge tourists more than their quoted rates easily leading to leading to collecting higher price than it is which will damage the province’s tourist environment in the bay. 

The document asked tour operators strictly adhere to the Chairman of People’s Committee’s directive on firefighting on tourist boats for passengers’ safety on Ha Long Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay. 

Moreover, kayak boats attracted many crewmen from official boats threatening to holiday makers’ safety.

People’s Committee ordered the bay management board and related agencies to monitor the activity. Violators will receive penalties as per the regulation.

Some tour operators had reaction saying that the tour is one of favorite activity in the bay attracting many visitors. 

In addition, thanks to the tour, the bay was selected as one of interesting venue for kayak tour by famous magazine National Geograpic.


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