Fields winner meets with Vietnamese students in France

Published:  05:16 Sunday - November 21, 2010

Fields winner meets with Vietnamese students in France

Professor Ngo Bao Chau, the first Vietnamese to win the Fields medal in mathematics, met with and fielded questions from Vietnamese students in France on November 20.

During the meeting held by the Vietnamese Students Association in France with assistance from Secours Populaire Francais (SPF), Professor Chau said he will continue to do research in mathematics and prepare for implementing a 10-year project for mathematical development and establishing an Advanced Institute for Mathematical Research in Vietnam.

He also said he will encourage further research cooperation between Vietnam and foreign countries as well as set up funds to assist young talented people. Mr Chau called on Vietnamese students and researchers to return to their homeland after they finish their courses overseas.

Corinne Makowski, an SPF official, said Mr Chau’s winning the Clay award and the Fields Medal for proving the Langlands fundamental lemma makes him the pride of both Vietnamese and French mathematicians and helps motivate young people in the two countries to pursue scientific research.

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