Tourism festivals kick off in Do Son, Cua Lo

Published:  08:36 Thursday - May 02, 2013

Tourism festivals kick off in Do Son, Cua Lo

"Do Son-The Call of the Sea" festival was launched in Haiphong city on April 30 as part of the National Tourism Year 2013 in the Red River Delta.

A wide range of activities will be held, including a golf tournament with the participation of more than 100 golfers, an imperial boat race, a fishing contest and a trade fair to introduce sea products.

To prepare for the week-long festival, Do Son district has paid great attention to improving the quality of human resources through opening training courses for tour guides and to measures to ensure social security and food hygiene and safety.


A ceremony kick-starting the 2013 Cua Lo tourism festival was held at Binh Minh Square, Cua Lo town, in the central city of Vinh, on April 30.

At the opening ceremony, thousands of visitors had the chance to enjoy art performances and colourful fireworks displays.


Founded 500 years ago, Cua Lo aims to become a city of culture and sea tourism. In 2013 it expects to receive 2.1 million tourists, including 5,600 foreigners, and earn around VND1.4 billion.

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