Largest-ever lantern parade welcomes mid-autumn fest

Published:  14:43 Thursday - September 26, 2013

Largest-ever lantern parade welcomes mid-autumn fest

The largest-ever lantern parade in Vietnam with the 2-kilometer long parade attracted more than 3 thousands of students in on September 17 night, Binh Thuan province.

The lantern parade annually takes place in Phan Thiet city attracted thousands of people and tourists joining in many activities such as: lantern parade, Mid-Autumn lantern exhibition, the competition of Mid-Autumn lantern design…The festival with the lantern parade of more than 3 thousands students passing through main streets.

The parade has been recognized as the largest of its kind in Vietnam by the Vietnam Book of Records (Vietbooks) and the most special and successful cultural festival of the country’s tourism sector by the Guide Awards.

At 5 p.m, thousands of students gathered in Nguyen Tat Thanh square in Phan Thiet city to prepare for the parade.


Crowds of people and tourists gathered to take a view of giant lanterns. 

Lanterns with outstanding colors 

At, the parade started to go through the square

Impressive lantern with Co Tam image step out from the decandrous persimmon 

Giant Dolphine

The lantern to perform the scene that Le Thai To King returned the marvelous sword in the Sword lake

Giong Saint lantern to come back to the sky 


Colorful and vivid giant lantern


Star lanterns brightened up a space area

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