Hue illuminates royal palace gate

Published:  02:02 Friday - October 18, 2013

Hue illuminates royal palace gate

The Hue Monuments Conservation Centre has installed an automatic lighting system on one of the gates of the royal palace in a bid to make the site look more attractive to tourists in the evenings

A monument in Hue lit by the nocturnal light system.

The light system at the eastern Hien Nhon Gate, which became operational yesterday, is controlled by LED sensors. The light display temporarily put in place for the ao dai fashion show during the last Hue Festival inspired the conservation centre to go ahead with the project. The Ha Noi based Phu Thanh Company donated VND1 billion (US$46,000) for the 637W system.

Hien Nhon Gate was designated as the palace's entrance for men.The southern Ngo Mon Gate served as the main front entrance while northern Hoa Binh was the back gate for logistics. The western Chuong Duc Gate was used for women to enter.

Some experts have suggested the initiative is a waste of money, however, as very few tourists go to see the palace at night.

 Source: Vietnamnews

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