Coffee festival eager to welcome Pele

Published:  08:00 Saturday - January 08, 2011

Coffee festival eager to welcome Pele

King of Football Pele is expected to show up and deliver a speech at an upcoming coffee festival in the Central Highland province of Dak Lak, but this time as a coffee ambassador from the world’s largest coffee supplier.

The festival, scheduled to take place from March 10-13, has freshly been bolstered to the national level under a decision by the Prime Minister in an attempt to turn Buon Ma Thuot city into a global hub of coffee.

The Dak Lak provincial People’s Committee Chairman, Lu Ngoc Cu, said at a press briefing in Ho Chi Minh City on January 6 that “We have decided to make coffee the key factor in Buon Ma Thuot development as it is the Central Highlands strength with its value recognised by the Government and the international community”.

The festival agenda includes an international workshop on sustainable development for coffee industry with the participation of representatives from coffee growing nations.

A museum on international coffee, the first of its kind so far in Vietnam, will open to display over 10,000 exhibits alongside artefacts from the Central Highlands Cultural Museum.

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