Phong Nha - Ke Bang a World Cultural Heritage Site

Published:  00:00 Saturday - December 31, 2005

Phong Nha - Ke Bang a World Cultural Heritage Site

Located 40 kilometres from Dong Hoi city and near the legendary Ho Chi Minh trail is Phong Nha-Ke Bang, one of the World’s Cultural Heritage Sites which is the pride of central Quang Binh province.

Not far from the road, visitors will reach a big boat pier where dozens of boats with one design are waiting for them. The pier management board say they receive as many as 3,000 visitors every day.

Travelling along the blue, peaceful and quiet Son River, visitors can call in Thien cave. The 538-stair cave lead to a giant cavern which can house hundreds of people at a time. Looking up, visitors can see a multitude of stalactites twinkling in the dim sunlight.

Perhaps, the most beautiful scenery is the Phong Nha Cave first discovered by British explorers. The cave, featuring 30 kilometres of underground passages, is really one of the most a grandiose sightseeing spots in the world.

Once deep inside Phong Nha Cave, visitors have a chance to enjoy a multitude of stalactites blazing in the colourful light. These long, pointed pieces of rock, together with a vaporous atmosphere, inspire visitors with image of the various shapes they resemble.

A visit to Phong Nha is such a good idea for any Vietnamese visitors, as well as foreign tourists to Vietnam.

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