Truc Lam Vien Da Lat with the “Meditative” Beauty

Published:  11:14 Wednesday - November 30, 2011

Truc Lam Vien Da Lat with the “Meditative” Beauty

Approximately 15 kilometers traveling south from Da Lat, tourists will reach the tourist area of Truc Lam Vien, which is the precious gem of the region. Thanks to its breathtaking landscape and unique architecture, Truc Lam Vien is an ideal destination to tourists in Vietnam travel.

Rebuilt in 2006, Truc Lam Vien has been transformed from a neglected hill into a beautiful landscape with many large buildings, which are both traditional and unique.

The magnificent outfit Truc Lam Vien is wearing now has the beauty of nature and is taken care by the hand of creative artisans as well as by the owner of this hospitable and gentle area.

From the giant mountain named Voi, small streams converge into Luong Spring, which falls down the mountain, making Seven-stair (Bay tang) Falls. The scene has moved many poets visiting the place.

Thanh Luong bridge

Thanh Luong Bridge

Thanh Luong water

“Trên dòng nước mát thác Thanh Lương.

Vọng lại âm thanh thật diệu kỳ,

Bóng bọt tung bay trên phiến đá.

Nghìn năm nhạc khúc nước trôi đi”.

(On the cool water of Thanh Luong Fall

There is an echo of a magic sound

Spume is dancing on stones

The music of flowing water has played for thousands of years.)

Truc Lam Vien

Truc Lam Vien where there are many bamboo plants along the road sides.

Tam Bao Waterfall

Tam Bao Waterfall

That Tue Hien reflected on Dinh An Lake

Beside architectural buildings, there are many small landscape, ornamental plants, bonsai, and artificial waterfalls. Moreover, in Thach Hoa Vien, tourists in Vietnam travel can see numerous strange trees and flowers among thousands-of-year-old sandstone. All these features together create a lively picture.

It would feel so good to harmonize with nature, to live among the natural beauty, green mountains, blue water, and the red pine forest, and to hear the song of the spring along Voi (elephant) Mountain.

TRuc Lam Vien

Bonsai - Truc Lam Vien

Bonsai- Truc Lam Vien

Bonsai- TRuc Lam Vien

Bonsai- Truc Lam Vien

Tourists in Vietnam travel can enjoy unique culture in Truc Lam Vien, some features of which are the art of the tea ceremony at the garden of stones and well-made furniture imported from Japan and hand-embroidered pictures, which are very special because they are embroidered with silk thread on a silk base. Those pictures embody the refinement of Vietnamese culture and the excellent skills of artisans from Tran Le Gia Trang.

Among the peaceful and beautiful nature, feeling the purity of the air in this romantic plateau, tourists in Vietnam travel would feel as if the worries of their daily lives had disappeared.

Let’s enter this immense meditative place with That Tue Hien from Truc Lam Vien.

That Tue Hien

Quiet That Tue Hien at a corner of Dinh An Lake

Dinh An Lake

Dinh An Lake

Truc Lam Vien

A corner of the unique garden with stones imported from Japan

From the top of the highest hill, tourists in Vietnam travel get a complete view of the area full of trees, which makes them feel as if they are standing before a giant natural painting.

Truc Lam Vien

Koi add lively colors to the painting that is Dinh An Lake.

With the beautiful scenery, pure air, and the development of Da Lat City, the eco-cultural tourist area Tran Le Gia Trang will become a popular destination and leave unforgettable impressions on tourists in Vietnam travel whenever they visit this magical place.

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