Seven waterfalls in Vietnam's Central Highlands

Published:  15:47 Friday - December 30, 2016

Seven waterfalls in Vietnam's Central Highlands

Dray Nur, Dray Sap, and Trinh Nu to name a few are beautiful and imposing waterfalls in the Central Highlands for visitors to discover for their New Year holidays.

Dray Nur

Dray Nur waterfall in Kuop Village is about 25km south of Buon Ma Thuot City. The waterfall, which is 250m long and 30m high, is the most beautiful and largest of the three waterfalls on the Serepok River. From afar, Dray Nur offers a spectacular panorama. Dray Nur is renowned for its purity and for its incredible legends. Dray Nur in the local language, means Female or Wife Waterfall.  According to one legend, a beautiful E De girl and her boyfriend were sitting on a big rock, when a monster appeared in a column of water and drove the young man away. When he returned, he discovered that his girlfriend had been taken by the monster. The rocky bank beside the waterfall is the place where the young couple sat and the waterfall is the column of water where the monster appeared. 

With its romantic mysterious beauty, Dray Nur Waterfall in Dak Lak Province is closely associated with many legends of the Central Highlands. The waterfall has become a popular tourist destination.

Dray Sap

Dray Sap Waterfall is on Serepok River, is located at Nam Ha Commune, Krong No District, Dak Nong Province, 30km to South of Buon Ma Thuot. This is a most interesting waterfall in the highlands.
Situated in a primary forest, Dray Sap Waterfall is surrounding by many years old and valuable trees. Dray Sap Waterfall from height flowing down to a valley that created a huge of tiny droplets that looked like a foggy or smokes so it also named as “Suong Khoi”. 

This waterfall attracted tourists by its nature and wonderful views. 

Thuy Tien 

Thuy Tien waterfall is about 7km to the North East of Tam Giang commune, Krong Nang district, Dak Lak. It is a beautiful landscape with the romantic beauty in the middle of jungle with many stone blocks, which overlapped each other and the strange tree roots.

Visitors can immerse themselves in nature; listen to the sound of spring in a wide majestic forest. Atop the waterfall, water falls down onto rocky terraces, creating much white spume, which make the waterfall looks like a lively picture, fanciful scenery of mountain landscape of the Central Highlands.

Krong Kmar

From the center of Krong Bong district toward the direction of Chu Yan Sin Mountain range about 3 km further, you will see a beautiful attraction of Dak Lak that is Krong Kmar Waterfall. From the highest mountain top of Chu Yang Sin Mountain range which is called the ceiling of Tay Nguyen, Krong Kmar stream flows to the mountain bottom, creating Krong Kmar waterfall having wild, poetic landscape that everyone who has came here once will remember it forever.

Travel to Krong Kmar waterfall, visitors will have a chance to contemplate the impressive charming scenes that nature has rewarded human, to soak their bodies in large bathing fields with the transparent, pure water where each stone can be showed clearly.

Bay Nhanh

Bay Nhanh waterfall is located in N’Drech village, Ea Huar commune, Buon Don district, Dak Lak province (about 35km from Buon Ma Thuot City). Bay Nhanh waterfall is a beautiful landscape, a wonderful tourist destination in Dak Lak province. Seropok river flows to this land and meets a great whirlpool to separate into seven smaller rivers to pass the smaller rocks and creates six small islets in the river. Therefore, it is called Bay Nhanh (seven branches) waterfall. Looking from the top, Bay Nhanh is like a giant hand with seven fingers spreading in the whirlpool and the wrist is the waterfall hedge, which is about 500m wide. The water flows peacefully whole year.

Visitors will see rows of old fig trees. The Ban Don Ecology Tourist Limited Company has built a 200m long bamboo bridge snaking through the roots of old fig trees for tourists relaxing and drinking can alcohol under the canopy of fig trees, surrounded by the murmur of the stream.

Gia Long

Located at a distance of approximately 4 miles from the Dray Sap waterfall is the equally stunning Gia Long Waterfall. Although, it practically dries up during summers, it's huge rock formations give it a different kind of charm and differentiate it from the Dray Sap. 

A good place if you're the adventurous type and wish to climb up the steep rocks.

Trinh Nu

Despite of belonging to Dak Nong, Trinh Nu Waterfall is only about 20km far from Buon Ma Thuot. Along the way, high and continuous mountains, meandering slope, vast coffee gardens and the lightly cold weather in this area will make visitors contemporarily forget all troubles in life, put their souls in the nature, in the peace of a beautiful highland region.

Trinh Nu Waterfall (Virgin Waterfall) attracts visitors with hundreds of ridiculous-shaped stones and the sound of water slapping all year that likes crying sound of the faithful girl.

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