Na Hang Lake, a primitive and mysterious beauty

Published:  08:54 Saturday - November 26, 2016

Na Hang Lake, a primitive and mysterious beauty

Na Hang is a mountainous district in Tuyen Quang Province and is the home of beautiful Na Hang Lake. With its primitive and mysterious beauty, Na Hang Lake has become a wonderful destination for tourists.

Located in the centre of Na Hang District, Na Hang Lake is surrounded by mountains and ancient temples. Near the lake is Pac Ta Mountain, the highest mountain in the district. It looks like an elephant stooping down near a jar of alcohol that is reflected in the green lake.

At the foot of the mountain stands an old temple that is dedicated to a concubine of General Tran Nhat Duat from the 13th century. The temple is famous for its beautiful scenery and sacredness. It is a must-see for visitors.

Na Hang Lake is considered to be the “Ha Long Bay among high mountains and thick forests”. There are a total of 99 mountains with different shapes, fascinating all visitors.

The area around the lake has many spectacular spots such as natural rocky platforms in strange forms, the famous waterfalls of Khuoi Sung, Khuoi Nhi and Pac Ban which run all year round and Phien Bung forest which acts as a green filter providing remarkably clean air for the area.

On the way to Phien Bung, the hamlets of the Dao and Tay ethnic people appear amid the green canopies of the forest, creating a very peaceful scene.

With the beautiful sights described above, the authority of Na Hang District uses tourism to boost the economic sector. Efforts have been made to develop infrastructure to encourage tourism and Na Hang District have coordinated with neighbouring provinces, such as Ha Giang, Bac Kan, Lang Son and Thai Nguyen to organise inter-provincial tours to attract more and more tourists.

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