Da Lat flower gardens

Published:  17:04 Wednesday - December 28, 2016

Da Lat flower gardens

From the city’s immense gardens to local farms, people drown in the beauty of this “Kingdom of flowers”. The best time to see the charm of this Da Lat “specialty” is in winter season, especially in December and January when the Flower Festival is held.

Da Lat Flower Park

Address: 2 Phu Dong Thien Vuong Street, Da Lat City
Hours: Open daily from 7.30 am to 4.00 pm

Being the top must-see in Da Lat, this 7000 m² park is located at the end of Xuan Huong Lake, close to the romantic Cu Hill, just about 2km from the city center. 

This former Bich Cau Flower Garden has been renovated and renamed where visitors can enjoy the biggest selection of flowers in Da Lat. 

It’s also an appealing attraction on the occasion of annual Flower Festival, with hundred kinds of species such as: oftentimes, mimosas, roses, as well as other imported kinds like daffodils or lilies. This natural museum houses a garden of orchids and a garden of thousands cacti from Africa.

Langbiang Flower Farm

Address: 42 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh Street, Dalat City
Website: http://www.langbiangfarm.com.vn/index.aspx

This site is about 5km from the center, on the way to Langbiang Mountain and Suoi Vang Lake. Besides traditional kinds like rose, lily, chrysanthemum, this 7-ha-farm is famous for customers. This kind of flower has made Langbiang Farm famous all over the country.

After a walk through 20 greenhouses stretching from the slope to the foot, it is relaxing to visit the large flower exhibition room and listen to music.

Anh Quynh Orchid Farm

Address: 44B Van Kiep Street, Dalat City

Anh Quynh Orchid Farm’s famous for its cultivation of orchids, especially cymbidiums. Mr. Quynh, owner of the farm, has successfully applied the technique of growing orchids on husk, which helps solve the problem of natural substrates. He’s also known as a pioneer in planting new species of flowers in Da Lat.

Lam Sinh Farm

Address: Ap Lat Valley, Da Sa Commune, Lac Duong District

Similar to Anh Quynh Farm, this farm focuses on cymbidiums. However, Lam Sinh Farm of Mr. Che Quang De is even bigger. Its owner is the “King of Cymbidiums” in Vietnam with more than 20,000 orchid pots. It was his great dream with cymbidiums – “the queen of flowers”, that motivated him to move 20km from the city center, to reclaim 22 ha land. Today, people visiting this kingdom of orchids can listen to Mr. De talk about his new dream: exporting Da Lat cymbidiums worldwide.

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