It's all yellow at Vietnamese herb flower gardens

Published:  11:42 Thursday - January 12, 2017

It's all yellow at Vietnamese herb flower gardens

Chrysanthemums in full bloom in Hung Yen, 30 kilometers from Hanoi, are attracting many visitors this spring.

These days, chrysanthemum gardens in Van Lam District, Hung Yen Province are in full bloom. The yellow daisy-like flowers are loved for their bright color and in herbal tea or traditional medicine. Legend has it that they used to be a symbol of royal families so the flowers are also known as "King Daisy” in Vietnam.

In Van Lam District, they are mostly planted for medicinal purposes.

The gardens look like they are covered by a giant golden carpet. Local farmers say it takes about six months from planting to harvesting. As these flowers are collected for use as an herb, they are nurtured carefully.

The gardens have become more bustling with locals busy collecting flowers and visitors taking pictures. No admission fee, but visitors are advised to be careful not to step on the flower beds.

The gardens are 30 kilometers from downtown Hanoi so visitors can ride here on a scooter or catch a Route 40 bus and get off at the last stop.

The best time for a picture is in the early morning.

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