Suoi Hai Lake, beautiful place in Ha Tay province

Published:  14:41 Tuesday - June 12, 2012

Suoi Hai Lake, beautiful place in Ha Tay province

Suoi Hai Lake, at the foot of Ba Vi Mountain, is a reservoir that was built in December 1958. It has a 4km-long system of main and supporting dams to reserve water from the Yen Cu and Cau Rong springs, giving the lake its name of Suoi Hai (Two Springs)

Ba Vi Mountains cover an area of over 5,000 ha in Ba Vi district, in Ha Tay province, 60 km west of Hanoi. According to Vietnamese legends, a Vietnamese deity resided in Ba Vi Mountains, which is why these mountains are considered as the ancestors of all Vietnamese mountains. The highest mountain is Ngoc Tan with 1,281 m.


There are a number of islands in the lake. There were boats available around-the-clock to take tourists to the islands or cruise around the lake. The fares are reasonable. To get to the largest island, it only cost each of us VND30,000 (US$1.5), while hiring a private boat to go around the 90ha reservoir costs VND300,000 ($15), and you can stop at any island of your choice.

The islands, the clear water, the trees and the meadows of grazing cattle had the look of a fairy wonderland. Wild birds, such as teals, coots and cranes, swam around the boat, imparting an even more romantic air to the scene. Each season brings with it a different colour to the lake, but it is beautiful all year round.


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