Sumptuous vegetarian buffet at Co Noi

Published:  20:06 Wednesday - January 16, 2013

Sumptuous vegetarian buffet at Co Noi

Vegetarian food is now in-vogue in Vietnam, especially during Vu Lan Festival or full-moon days.

The gorgeous fried rice with lotus seeds prepared at Co Noi Restaurant in
Bong Sen Annex Hotel in District 1

The Co Noi Restaurant in the Bong Sen Annex Hotel is offering a signature buffet with more than 40 vegetarian dishes prepared by professional chefs in diverse tastes and flavors.

Dishes are made from organic vegetables and fruit so diners can be assured of high nutrition, safe food and of course tasty meals. Due to the diversity of ingredients and the way it is cooked and prepared, it is sure to meet the demands of each gourmet’s palate.

Appetizers include Bo De salad made of lotus stem, Co Noi salads made of rice noodles, salads made in Italian cuisine, Bao Minh spring rolls, Tan Buu Ky pasty, steam rice pan cake with wood ear fungus, fried vegetables and fried breadfruit with flour.

Meanwhile, diners are suggested to sample main dishes such as Indian curry, Phu Kien fried noodles, Bat Nha cabbage, Lani steamed dumpling and many fried vegetables.

The buffet will also feature Thai curry fried rice, fried rice with lotus, Mekong Delta-style noodle soup, steamed mushroom with pepper, fried noodles with chili and lemon grass and stirred tofu with chili and lemon grass.

The program runs until September 16 and costs VND110,000++ per adult and VND50,000++ per child. The buffet lunch is prepared from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and buffet dinner is from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.


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