Hanoi treat huge hit with Saigonese

Published:  03:03 Thursday - January 17, 2013

Hanoi treat huge hit with Saigonese

Local Facebook users in Saigon have recently shared on their status one of the tastiest dishes they have sampled: bun dau mam tom. The food which features vermicelli, tofu and shrimp paste is a rustic but popular food of people from the north. It is now available in HCMC and it has lured a huge number of diners to savor this treat at a street shop off Cong Quynh Street in District 1.

Visitors to Hanoi will make a big mistake if they haven’t tried or haven’t heard about bun dau mam tom yet. The main ingredients of the food are vermicelli, fried tofu, shrimp paste mixed with lemon or kumquat fruit, chili and vegetables. However, there is a little change at the food shop in Saigon as, apart from the three main ingredients; this particular product is also served with thit ba roi (fat and lean meat), bap bo (beef) and cha com (pork paste with green rice flakes). 

A set of bun dau mam tom is served to guests at a food shop in Cong Quynh Street in District 1

The most important thing that contributes to the delicious taste of the cuisine is tofu which is white, soft and greasy. It will be fried right after a diner orders the food to guarantee its crispy taste in its golden brown skin.

The shrimp paste is another important factor. Despite an unpleasant smell of the sauce, its savory taste mingled with spicy chili and sour lemon perfectly go with meat, vegetables and tofu.

Diners are advised to dip a piece of vermicelli with vegetables into the sauce bowl or pour the sauce onto the bowl which contains vermicelli, a piece of tofu in a square shape and pork and vegetables.

If you want to have a go at trying this delicious food, come check it out at a food shop located at 102/1B Cong Quynh Street in District 1. The shop is open from 10:30 p.m. to around 3 a.m. The shop is always crowded with guests sitting on low chairs and tables.

A set of bun dau mam tom will cost you VND 15,000.


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