Banh Tai in Phu Tho

Published:  14:41 Friday - July 29, 2016

Banh Tai in Phu Tho

As defined from the past, the ancestor based on the shape, cooking method or taste of different types of cake to name these cakes. Meanwhile, Banh tai in Phu Tho is one of the special cake which was name following the custom and culture of Vietnam.

Banh tai is one of the specialties in Phu Tho and it features the simple making method but delicious and tasty savor. The main ingredients of banh tai consist of rice, onion, pork and spices. The first step is to choose the right rice which is soft and sticky, then it is washed and soaked in water from two hours to half a day before grinding and making dough. After that, the dough will be cut into small pieces and form the shape of an ear. One by one, there are a lot of banh tai which are made and arranged on a tray. Finally, the cakes are steamed for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

In addition, marinated sauce is also very important to taste a perfect banh tai. The sauce includes fish sauce, sugar, chili, lemon, garlic; all are mixed to make a wonderful marinated sauce. The savor of banh tai is crispy and soft in the pure color along with fatty taste of pork which will impress any cuisine lover.

Banh tai is a specialty of Phu Tho – the homeland of King Hung. It is considered the gentle and special gift for those who come to visit Phu Tho.

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