Banh rang bua in Thanh Hoa

Published:  14:50 Friday - July 29, 2016

Banh rang bua in Thanh Hoa

Thanh Hoa is known as the destination of many special and delicious cakes such as: Banh khoai tep, banh cuon, banh duc sot, banh gai. While that, banh rang bua is one of the tasty cake in Thanh Hoa which attracts a lot of tourists visiting the province.

Banh rang bua is the popular and special cake in Thanh Hoa. It brings a special taste which is different from other types of cake. The main ingredients of banh rang bua contain ground rice, pork, onion, wood ear mushroom, pepper. The fillings inside the cake are very important to make the taste of the cake. The cake is wrapped in banana or phrynuim leaves that have been dried or soiled to make it soft.



In the past, banh rang bua was made on the special occasion of the fifteen day of the lunar month, Tet, wedding. Banh rang bua is easily found in the markets, goods vendors and many districts in Thanh Hoa such as: Hoang Hoa, Tho Xuan, Vinh Loc.

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