Banh Can and Banh Xeo in Phan Rang

Published:  14:21 Friday - July 29, 2016

Banh Can and Banh Xeo in Phan Rang

Coming to Phan Rang, tourists will have a chance to not only admire the ancient towers, immerse in beautiful Ninh Chu beach but also taste the specialties of Ninh Thuan that is banh can and banh xeo.

Along the Central region, you can easily have a chance to taste banh can and banh xeo but it is said that these dishes firstly originated from Phan Rang and Phan Rang is home of these cakes. Enjoying banh can and banh xeo in Phan Rang, tourists will deeply feel the unique and delicious taste of the cakes.

The main ingredient of banh can that is ground rice and Phan Rang residents have their own way to make special banh can which is different from other regions making the unique and special taste of the cake. Ground rice needs to be prepared and grind carefully and follow the technique. The cake is baked by roaster using coal. When coal turns into red, ground rice will be put in the pattern. After all, we can enjoy banh can in the white color and filled with eggs, shrimps and cutter – fish combined with the green color of onion leaves making the cake more and more attractive.

Banh Xeo in Phan Rang is absolutely different from the one in Southern part. The cake is in small shape and thin ground rice along with shrimps, cutter – fish and pork inside. Banh xeo in light yellow color can easily catch your eyes. When tasting banh xeo, you will feel crispy and fat from the first piece.

Especially, sauce plays a very important role in making the perfect taste of banh can and banh xeo. The mix sauce includes sweet and sour sauce, peanut sauce and fish sauce. The combination of sauce and herbs make the perfect taste of banh can and banh xeo.

Once you have an opportunity to visit Phan Rang, Ninh Thuan, do not miss the chance to taste banh can and banh xeo as it will give you unforgettable impression and experience. 

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