Explore natural and stunning beauty of Sapa

Published:  10:27 Saturday - December 31, 2011

Explore natural and stunning beauty of Sapa

You are passionate about (have a passion for) traveling to remote area and experience the life in these places, why don’t you come to Sapa and discover the life in this special and wonderful place? Definitely, you will be surprised at the natural and wild beauty of this destination. Sapa is a very special place in Vietnam and it always gives travelers exciting and interesting feelings.

Sapa belongs to the highland region in Lao Cai province, Vietnam. There are 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam and Viet or Kinh contains the majority. Sapa is a place where a lot of ethnic groups live here. Most of them are ethnic minority groups including H’mong, Dao, Giay, Tay , Pho Lu. People here maintain a very simple and wild life. Coming to this place by trekking, tourists certainly will feel the wild life in this place. There are many strange customs, cultures, cuisines existing in this place.

If you have a chance to stay with citizens in Sapa, you will know more about their daily life and their custom, culture. Homestay is considered to be the most suitable style for this type of traveling. When you spend time living with Sapa people, you will deeply feel the life in Sapa. You will know how they cook, talk and their clothes. Sapa’s people are very friendly, gentle and hospitality. You are always welcomed to live with them if you want. In addition, they will teach you skills to live in remote region.

Sapa possesses a very special climate with four seasons in a day. Therefore, tourists visit this place will have chance to enjoy the featured weather in Vietnam. It is very exciting and we only can feel it when we go to this place. In particular, if you visit Sapa on winter, you will have chance to see and play with snow. Sapa is the only place in Vietnam that contains snow on winter. Visiting Sapa on Spring, you will have chance to see and admire a lot of beautiful and sweet types of forestry flowers with various colors and shapes. On spring, Sapa seems to be surrounded by the colorfulness of flowers and the sweet smell. Also, travelers will have opportunity to know more about the terraces which only appear in Sapa. Terraces are the particular feature of Sapa and it illustrates the custom of Sapa’s people.

Last but not least, people in Sapa hand - make the special products of clothes and blankets and other handicraft products. Visitors coming to this place can buy these products for gifts to give their relatives and friends. You can not find these types of clothes and blankets in anywhere but in Sapa. Besides it, we may have chance to learn how to make these types of handicraft products from people in Sapa. People in Sapa often make these products and sell them in market. Coming to the market in Sapa, you will be fulled with the colorfulness of clothes which is created by people here.

Cuisine in Sapa is also different from other places in Vietnam. It is due to the culture and custom of this place. You can taste the dishes cooked from what people in this place plant and grow. Therefore, the food is very safe and featured in quality and savor. We absolutely can not forget the savor of foods in Sapa, the sweet smell of flowers and hospitality of people in Sapa.

Let’s give yourself a chance to visit and experience interesting and fascinating things in Sapa. You will be given unforgettable memories and this place will keep your foot back to this place another time.

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