Visit Tra Su Forest

Published:  15:34 Tuesday - February 28, 2012

Visit Tra Su Forest

With the wild nature as well as the peace and profound beauty, Tra Su Forest is an interesting tourism destination attracting tourists to An Giang every time.

Weaving among small paths through the melaleuca forest (by power-boat or by boat), tourists will contemplate the ancient cajuput trees reflected in the blue water, willow plants swaying lightly in the wind and small waves running gently...Sometimes, the tourists have the feeling that they are surfing among the young rice color duckweed carpet...Under this poetic space, the birds call their herds, pleasing the ears.

The bird call sounds clearer and clear, more and more beautiful, especially not far away, but right above the tourists' heads. It is so marvelous to every one enjoying this experience. Hundreds of storks and wild gooses in groups are calling each other enthusiastically on the lush cajuput leaves. Somewhere under the water appears some young birds slipping into the water, what a pity but it is natural laws.

After going on boat through the melaleuca forest, the tourists may visit the tower to contemplate a vast, floral green range of Tra Su, get close-up view of numerous birds and forks' living scenery through binoculars prepared before on the tower.

After going for sightseeing of the natural mountain forest with call birds and wonderful landscapes, it would be interesting for the visitors to enjoy the rural dishes or mountainous specialties such as: grilled mullets, raw fish and vegetables mix, chicken stewing with shoots...One time coming here to remember forever

Guiding to travel to Tra Su Forest:

Motorbike: Tourists travel by motorbike from Chau Doc to Tri Ton, turn left before Bung Tien bridge. Continue 3.5km more to reach Tra Su forest, in An Giang province, Vietnam

Vehicles to travel in Tra Su forest: Visitors can travel by motorbikes, bicycles (hired at the Tra Su management board), but the most interesting way is on power-boat or boat (hire).

Eating: There are restaurants at Tra Su forest serving country meals.

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