Vietnam travel companies left out in their tour packages

Published:  11:30 Tuesday - January 29, 2013

Vietnam travel companies left out in their tour packages

Vietnam is a country of spectacular natural beauty. That’s a fact that cannot be contested since it is geographically located in an area that promotes ecological health. But other than that, Vietnam is also a rich hub of culture.

It is a melting point of religious beliefs, political dynasties and influences coming from the other countries surrounding it. And where better to see all these factors so perfectly blended together? In museums, of course! But apparently, Vietnam travel company has left that out when planning the packages that they offer to the world.

Museums have what is called “heritage tourism”. This means that a whole country’s culture and heritage can be seen in a single establishment and that offers a good view into the unique background of Vietnam. But because of the lack of training and education on what museums contain, they are usually skipped when tour companies create packages.

Tour companies explain that the reason why they do not usually include museum visits to their itineraries is because it’s hard for them to guide people through the historical artifacts and heritage of Vietnam travel guide. Also, there is really nothing seriously attractive about museums since the displays are inanimate and they need a lot of thorough explanations to make the tourists understand.

As a result, museums become independent of tour operators. They would give out flyers of their own directly to tourists and hotels. But they would have to create their own programs too if they want to haul in tourists. However, creating programs is the specialty of tour operators. So how can both agencies fuse in?

This is where well-rounded travel and tour companies in Vietnam come in. These companies do not only invest in the natural attractions of Vietnam but also craft programs that would make even the most boring places attractive. It is also expected that these companies are well-knowledgeable of the culture and heritage of the country so they can employ the best tourist guides that can present each artifact seen in museums. If an in-house museum guide is not possible, then hiring external help would come as the second best solution.

If the integration of these agencies proves to be successful, then tourism in Vietnam would undoubtedly increase even more. Of course, Vietnam travel company would consider this idea and would need to study its viability in their particular business. But if they would include heritage tourism, then they will be helping their country while rearing in profits too.

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