Dalat City at night is some spectacle

Published:  21:32 Tuesday - March 05, 2013

Dalat City at night is some spectacle

I always pictured this same scenario many times with romance in the air, cool weather, big jackets, hats, scarves and proudly declaring the similarities with own countries beautiful spots and temperatures.

Dalat night market pulls in the tourists during the holiday season- 
Photo: Derek Milroy

Instead it was not so chilly and we were not the bashful couple, we were just another two gullible tourists to be fleeced. After some expensive seafood which was far from tasty and day’s old we shook off the bad vibes and decided to go somewhere we could pick up some real bargains with dried flowers, which apparently you cannot buy in Saigon and some little dolls things.

The night market looks good from the top of the hill but it was nothing spectacular, not that it stopped all the tourists handing over the bucks to keep the local wheeler dealers happy. It was heaving with Europeans, Americans and Vietnamese on vacation alike who were enjoying a break from the norm.

We kept on walking up the hill and spied a lovely little café which looked onto the night market and the Dalat city streets at night.

It was a good choice and we shared a bottle of, funnily enough Dalat red wine and toasted the end of a fabulous trip.


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