Top 5 Best Local Restaurants in Hanoi

Published:  15:23 Friday - July 22, 2016

Top 5 Best Local Restaurants in Hanoi

The thousand – year – old capital attracts tourists with the ancient and charming beauty of beautiful spots and landscapes. Besides, Hanoi cuisine is also one of the important factors impressing tourists with many special and delicious dishes. Being guided the best restaurants to enjoy Hanoi cuisine is really a necessary thing that you should get to know.

Xoi Yen

Xoi Yen restaurant serves Xoi xeo which is a sweet or savory sticky rice that’s topped with a variety of different meats, shallots, and shaved bean curd. Xoi Yen is located in Old Quarter containing a three – storey corner lot along Nguyen Huu Huan Street with very low stools and tables. Coming here, you will be served the sweetest and most delicious Xoi Xeo with price at VND 15, 000.

Opening hours: 7:00 – 22:00

Address: 35B Nguyen Huu Huan, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Tel: +84 43 934 1950

Cha Ca Thang Long

The restaurant is located in Old Quarter and it is one of the best places to enjoy Cha Ca in Hanoi. The dish includes a white fish fillet seasoned with garlic, ginger, turmeric and dill. Besides it, a bowl of rice noodles, peanuts, chopped spring onions, parsley, fish sauce and red chili slices are mixed together to create a perfect taste of Cha Ca. The dish has price at VND 120, 000.

Opening hours: 10:00 – 15:00, 17:00 – 22:00

Address: 22 Duong Thanh Street, Old Quarter, Hanoi

Tel: +84 43 824 5115

Bun Thang Ba Duc

The restaurant is considered the most ideal place to taste Bun Thang in Hanoi. The dish is prepared with generous amounts of noodles, chicken, eggs, pork slices, and a dollop of shrimp paste that carefully arrange to resemble a flower. The dish costs 30, 000 for each.

Opening hours: 18:00 – 22:00

Address: 48 Cao Go, Hoan Kiem Distric, Hanoi

Nha Hang Mien Luon Dong Thinh

The restaurant serves eel – based dishes, particularly Mien xao luon. The dishes has price between VND 35, 000 – VND 50, 000 with fresh herbs, shaved banana blossoms, and bean sprouts served on the side. The dish comprises stir – fried glass noodles in an eel – based broth with generous toppings of crunchy eels, bean sprouts, eggs, cucumber slices, fried – shallots, and purple perilla.

Opening hours: 17:00 – 23:00

Address: 87 Hang Dieu, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Tel: +84 43 826 7943

Bun Cha Nem Cua Be Dac Kim

Located in 67 Duong Thanh Street, Old Quarter, Hanoi, the restaurant serves the best of Nem Cua Be and Bun cha. With only VND 90, 000, you can taste the most delicious Bun cha and Nem cua be. Let’s come and enjoy the tasty dishes with a low price.

Opening Hours: Daily 11:00 – 19:00

Address: 67 Duong Thanh Street, Old Quarter, Hanoi

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