Vietnamese artists exhibite lacquer paintings in Japan

Published:  00:00 Sunday - November 22, 2009

Vietnamese artists exhibite lacquer paintings in Japan

Sixty lacquer paintings by Vietnamese artists Nguyen Thanh Binh and Dao Hai Phong were showcased at an exhibition in Tokyo on Nov. 21.

The exhibition, entitled “a destination for peace”, was organised by the Tokyo America Club to give Japanese viewers an idea of Vietnamese people’s daily lives.

The two Vietnamese artists’ creations impressed visitors, particularly the works “Dong song vang” (golden river), “Dem Noel” (Christmas), “Hoang hon do” (Red sunset) and “Pho hoa” (Flower street), which are in a modern style.

A Chinese student studying in Tokyo gave his impressions viewing the Vietnamese lacquer paintings: “These works are valuable. They are a vivid reflection of the colourful daily lives led by Vietnamese people. Although Vietnam had to experience many years of war, I can feel peaceful lives, quite old streets and long winding rivers at sunset.”

The exhibition will last until November 29, 2009.

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