Vietnam travel - New tourism slogan of Ho Chi Minh city

Published:  09:23 Saturday - August 06, 2011

Vietnam travel - New tourism slogan of Ho Chi Minh city

Ho Chi Minh city (Sai Gon) is one of the most beautiful cities in Asia in 1960s. The new tourism slogan of HCMC is “Vibrant Ho Chi Minh City”

Ho Chi Minh city (Sai Gon) was called many names : Paris of the East , the Far-East Pearl. This is one of the most attractive destinations for Vietnam travel.

"Vibrant Ho Chi Minh City” is the city’s new tourism slogan, the Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism said.

Coined by Cowan Vietnam Co, an advertising agency, the slogan will be used in all the city’s tourism publications and events like the International Travel Expo in September.

In other news, the Vietnam Administration of Tourism is planning to cooperate with the European Union to get European copywriters and marketers to create a new tourism logo and slogan for the country after it decided to jettison a logo and slogan chosen from a contest held last year.

“Vietnam – a Different Orient,” the winner of the contest, attracted criticism for failing to highlight the attractiveness and advantages of Vietnam as a destination.

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Ho Chi Minh city (Sai Gon) - Tourism slogan of Ho Chi Minh city - Vietnam tourism slogan

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