Thai food, culture to spice up the capital

Published:  00:00 Friday - November 28, 2008

Thai food, culture to spice up the capital

Hanoi food-lovers are invited to savour the rich flavours and textures of Thai cuisine at a culinary festival starting on November 28.

During the one-week event, four Thai guest chefs will present a visual display of fine, hand-picked food and a buffet offering more typical dishes such as pla-moo-yang (spicy and sour grilled pork salad) and lab-hed (spicy fresh mushroom salad) in the Melia Hanoi Hotel.

Thai cuisine is known for its balance, with five basic flavours making up a typical meal-spicy, sour, sweet, salty and bitter. Although it is considered a single cuisine, Thai food incorporates the country’s four main regions-Northern, Northeastern, Central and Southern. For example, southern curries tend to contain coconut milk and fresh tumeric, while northeastern dishes include limejuice. All Thai food is famed for its enthuasiatic use of fresh herbs, spices and fish sauce.

To add to the festivities, dramatic Thai traditional dances will be performed for audiences throughout the week.

The festival will culminate in the celebration of the Thai National Day on December 5 in the hotel.

At a separate event on November 29, “Thailand Day” will be celebrated with food from Thailand’s four regions, traditional craft demonstration, music and dance at the American Club, 19-21 Hai Ba Trung Street, Hanoi. The event is being jointly organised by the Royal Thai embassy, the Thai Business Association and the Thai community.

Tickets can be purchased at the Thai Embassy, the Melia Hotel, or at the venue. All proceeds will go to the National Fund for Vietnamese Children and the Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation.

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