Strengthening the cooperation between aviation and tourism sectors

Published:  00:00 Friday - April 01, 2011

 Strengthening the cooperation between aviation and tourism sectors

On Mar 30th, in Hanoi, the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism worked with Vietnam Airlines on cooperating plan between Tourism and Aviation.

The meeting attracted the attendance VNAT's General Director Nguyen Van Tuan, Vietnam Airlines' Deputy General Director Trinh Hong Quang and delegates of two parties.

In this working session, two parties highly valued their working result since an agreement on tourism and aviation cooperation was signed in 2007.

Tourism and aviation are developing fast, which contribute important roles into the national economic development. Therefore, the 2 parties' leaders agreed to strengthen their cooperation to attract tourists from key markets in the coming time.

The meeting focused on a new cooperating program for tourism promotion and market development in the stage 2011-2015 as well as some specific activities.

These include organizing national and international events such as Roadshow on Vietnam Tourism , Int'l Travel EXPO, Vietnamese Cultural and Tourism Days,... ect .

In addition, VNAT and Vietnam Airlines will also enhance cooperation to communicate and popularize theirs images to the world.

Translated by Thanh Pham (TITC)

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