Special market for foreigners in Hanoi - Vietnam

Published:  09:47 Monday - August 08, 2011

Special market for foreigners in Hanoi - Vietnam

Cho Tay (Market for foreigners) which attracts many foreigners in Hanoi, is a special market opens once a week on Saturday in Hanoi center.

There is a special market that opens once a week, on Saturday in Hanoi’s center. The market opens at 9.30am and closes at 12.30pm in Tay Ho district, attracting foreigners in Hanoi. And for tourists in Vietnam travel, this is also an interesting destination.

This market, called “cho tay” (market for foreigners), is located on To Ngoc Van road. The market operates for only three hours a week, so it is always crowded and noisy.

If you travel to Vietnam, it's worth to visit this special market. People go to the market by all means of transport – cars, motorbikes, bicycles and walking. This is perhaps the only market in Hanoi where customers do not have to pay parking fees.

Traders at this market are both Vietnamese and foreigners. It is special that people do not make bargains at the market because all goods are listed with fixed prices and origin.

Covering only 300sq.m, kiosks are arranged very tidily and scientifically. The market offers not only food, fruits, vegetables but also toys and books.

The most impressive kiosk is the one called “Little Tigers”, which is opened by a group of foreign women. The kiosk sells used items to raise fund for charity. Customers not only purchase goods from this kiosk but also donate used items to the kiosk, for example old books, used clothes or toys. Everything is accepted, recorded in the kiosk’s diary and sold to raise fund for charity.

This market is known as a “clean” one in many meanings. It is not only clean in literal sense but also clean in terms of security, trading style, particularly the friendliness of sellers. All goods offered at the market have clear origins and are certificated.

This market is opened based on the initiative of the Asia Husbandry and Veterinary JS Company. The market currently has over 20 kiosks, some of them operating for charity.

The market founders plan to open a similar market in Trung Hoa-Nhan Chinh residential area.

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