Sa Pa through Vietnamese-American photographer’s eyes

Published:  17:00 Monday - May 17, 2010

Sa Pa through Vietnamese-American photographer’s eyes

Photos on people’s life and landscape of the foggy resort town of Sa Pa in Vietnam’s northwestern mountainous region taken by an American photographer of Vietnamese origin were displayed at an exhibition in New York on May 15.

The one-day exhibition, which was organised by the Coalition for Asian-American Children and Families, is part of the Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month, introduced almost 100 photos taken by young photographers on the life, people and landscapes of countries in the Asia-Pacific.

Although he was born in the US and travelled to many countries, he is impressed by Sa Pa’s beauty and people and the photos that were showcased at the exhibition were taken during his second visit to Sa Pa last April, Nguyen Bao told a New York-based Vietnam News Agency correspondent.

Bao said that he would return to Vietnam to make a documentary on Sa Pa and a film on Vietnam. He hoped that the films will be completed early next year to be screened in the US and Vietnam.

All photos displayed at the exhibition were auctioned to raise money for helping disadvantaged Asian American children and families in New York City.

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