Mountaineers to conquer Fansipan peak

Published:  00:00 Saturday - August 07, 2010

Mountaineers to conquer Fansipan peak

The northern mountain province of Lao Cai is preparing for the Mountaineering Championships to conquer Fansipan Mountain and plant a flag to celebrate the 1,000th anniversary of Hanoi.

The event is scheduled for October 26-30, said Hoang Thi Vuong, an official from the Provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

The championship falls under the national action plan for tourism in the 2006-2010 period and Lao Cai, Yen Bai and Phu Tho provinces’ “Tracing the Roots 2010” programme.

The event this year will be divided into three stages and the winner of the second stage will carry the symbolic flag of the 1,000th year of Thang Long-Hanoi in the third leg to the peak of Fansipan Mountain.

During the journey, climbers will spend time taking photos of Fansipan and Hoang Lien national forest, then choose 3-5 photos to send to the organising board for prizes.

The national flag carrier Vietnam Airlines is the main sponsor of this event.

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