French chefs publish books on Vietnamese dishes

Published:  00:00 Sunday - November 30, 2008

French chefs publish books on Vietnamese dishes

A collection of four books on Vietnamese dishes entitled “Five Seasons” written by a group of authors including famous French Chef Didier Corlou made its debut in Hanoi on Nov. 28.

The books, written in English, introduced 12 traditional dishes and 12 contemporary dishes from Hanoi and northeastern region.

Didier Corlou, who has lived and worked in Vietnam for over 15 years, said that the books were compiled in a year.

He said that the authors plan to study and write about dishes in the northwestern, central and southern regions in the coming time. Mr Corlou expressed his hope that Vietnamese dishes would be known by numerous foreign people.

In 2004, Mr Corlou’s book “Vietnamese Gastronomy” won prizes of the best book on gastronomy in the western region and the best book on Asian gastronomy.

The collection will be published in French and Vietnamese languages in the coming time.

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