Dong Thap tourism week features various activities

Published:  15:39 Monday - January 09, 2017

Dong Thap tourism week features various activities

The activities are taking place in three major places: Sa Dec Park, Sa Dec Flower Village and Sa Dec Rice Powder Village until January 14.

A wide variety of unique activities is being held at the 2017 Dong Thap Province Tourism Week which officially opened in the city of Sa Dec on January 7. 

In Sa Dec Park, visitors have the chance to join the street festival after the opening ceremony yesterday, to learn more about the beauty of the local land and people through an artistic exhibition and to enjoy traditional cuisine in the southern province of Dong Thap.

Notably, a special space will be used for travel companies to introduce and sell tours to numerous destinations in the province.

In addition, numerous cultural and arts activities are being held during the week, including a festival honoring don ca tai tu (a traditional form of musical art from the south), a festival for hip-hop dance bands in Sa Dec and reproductions of folk games.

At Sa Dec Flower Park, visitors can enjoy an over 780-hectare field of blooming flowers; while learning how to make many kinds of cake from rice powder and visiting Sa Dec Rice Powder Village.

On the occasion of the event, seminars on “promoting trade and investment in Sa Dec,” “tourism development in Dong Thap Province” and “potential and development plans for products made from rice” will also be held.

At the event, a 12-metre flower display in Sa Dec Park, which was made from 2,500 baskets of fresh flowers, set a new national record.

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