Business as usual for Hanoian art fans

Published:  17:00 Tuesday - August 04, 2009

Business as usual for Hanoian art fans

During the next few weeks Hanoians can enjoy an exhibition of installations, video art and paintings in “Business As Usual” at the Hanoi Future Art. 

Six artists have worked on the exhibition. From Denmark and Vietnam, the artists have different viewpoints but share similarities like enthusiasm, independence and open-mindedness. All are eager to experiment and do things differently.

Despite its name, the exhibition is in no way business as usual, said its Danish curator, Toke Lykkerberg.

The exhibition is the product of a workshop which everybody has an equal say. That means the production process is democratic.

All works are products of long discussions. Getting six artists with individual mindsets to work closely together for a fort-night in the same space is a challenge. All are encouraged to work together on collective and collaborative works while also making individual works.

“This exhibition is a great art exchange and dialogue between Vietnam and Denmark. Moreover, it confirms the truth that art can connect people and make people close to each other,” said Tove Degnbol, Danish vice ambassador to Vietnam.

Work by Danish artist Anna Bennike, is interesting because it is made of simple materials like an old package, a can and paper waste.

Two forms of trash, one from Vietnam and the other from Denmark, burst out of one bin.

As waste is part of human daily life and development, Vietnamese and Danes face the same environmental issues, such as should they keep releasing trash without considering the environment and the earth.

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