Phong Dien – attractive with natural beauty and cuture

Published:  08:18 Wednesday - July 06, 2011

Phong Dien District, considered as the green lung of Can Tho City, is famous for “Gian Gua” (a giant area of gua trees), “Lung Cot Cau” and “Bung Da Noi” monuments. Travel tour to Phong Dien is really attractive for natural and cultural value of it.

Travel to Phong Dien Districts, visitors only have to drive along the National Road 923 from the city to Phong Dien for around 10 kilometers, where they will have to go on a wharf  across the Can Tho River. This is an ideal tour in Vietnam  for tourists.

Passing through farmlands and  lush gardens, there will appear a giant area of “gua” trees in two sides of the road. Gian gua trees are about six meters high. These trees’ roots and branches knit together so well that people cannot identify which ones are roots and which are branches. And most visitors are amazed at the spectacular scenery of Gian Gua which covers about 3,000 square meters.

Travel to Vietnam , Phong Dien district is famous for Gian Gua, Lung Cot Cau and Bung Da NoiVisit Phong Dien with lush garden fulled of fruit

Gian Gua is a sacred place where the local residents built the Ba Temple in 1996 to worship a lady called ‘Ba’ to pray for good health and happiness. Annually on the 28th of the second lunar month, they hold worshipping rituals accompanied with many traditional artistic programs. The ceremony often attracts many pilgrims from the delta.

Travel to Vietnam , Phong Dien district is famous for Gian Gua, Lung Cot Cau and Bung Da Noi

Phong Dien  is famous for Gian Gua

Currently, the local authorities are developing Gian Gua as an eco-tourism sight with an eco-diversity system and unique cultural products. In the future, there will be more and more tourists and travel tours to Phong Dien.

From Gian Gua, travelers only have to walk just over four kilometers southwards to find the Lung Cot Cau and Bung Da Noi (floating stone pond). The sights used to be swamps where people found many pillars about 3-4 meters deep so they call it Cot Cau (pillars). Meanwhile,  people also discovered many rectangular green stones which were made “floating” in the pond so they renamed Bung Da Noi (floating stone pond).

Travel to Vietnam , Phong Dien district is famous for Gian Gua, Lung Cot Cau and Bung Da NoiLung Cot Cau and Bung Da Noi

These sights are still primitive with a fresh and peaceful atmosphere, so they are an ideal place for those who want to escape the city life and have some small part of nature all for themselves.

Hong Tam

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