Where to go In Phu Quoc Island at night

Published:  22:31 Sunday - December 18, 2011 That's great really. Start your evening by watching the sun melt into the Pacific Ocean and then find a beachside spot for dinner. And then...

What to Do at Night on Phu Quoc Island

Night time in Phu Quoc is as relaxed as any other, the whole island is a place to just chill out and enjoy the scenery and after dark is no exception – the hypnotic lights from the squid boats at sea are so numerous they look like a galaxy.


If the sea is calm enough, you can have a chance to experience squid hunting. As most locals are fisherman, you can see how the process goes on. It must be really dark and no light is allowed so that you can catch the squid.


Nightlife invariably follows this pattern; cocktails at sunset, dinner at a beachside restaurant followed by a few drinks at a beach bar. It gets no more complicated than that. There are some famous place where you can come and enjoy.


Rainbow Bar

The quintessential beach bar, complete with thatched roof and sand underfoot. This is the place to hang out in Phu Quoc. The owner is French which means he understands the need for drinks to be kept cold in the warm climate, this also guarantees a decent wine list and that the bottles have been stored properly. Popular with divers, expect the vis to be one of the main topics of conversation.


Pho Bo Café

The upper storey overlooks the Dinh Cau Rock temple and lighthouse, its a nice spot in town to have some drinks while watching the sunset. You can have a closer look at the temple afterwards.


Ahoy Club

Located in Charm Resort this is the closest to a night club there is in Phu Quoc. Its a good venue, however it often lacks enough people to create any atmosphere, as the island receives most tourists this is sure to become a popular hangout.


Where to Shop and What to Buy on Phu Quoc Island


Markets selling a wide range of fruit, vegetable and seafood are the main shopping venues in Phu Quoc, not necessarily what tourists want to buy but very interesting to see all the same.


For tourists, shopping opportunities come in the form of handicrafts expertly made by locals and pearls which are farmed locally.



Local markets sell a colourful variety of fruit and vegetables of all shapes and sizes in addition to seafood and other foodstuff. Markets can be busy places but dont let that put you off.


Some markets are one or two days a week however the main one in Duong Dong is a permanent fixture, you might want to avoid it when a cruise ship is in port though.


Dinh Cau Night Market

The night market is the palace to buy souvenirs, all kinds of crafts are on sale in addition to the usual fresh produce and seafood. This can be a good place to buy pearls… while the kids are occupied in the playground.


Duong Dong Shops

There are several shops that sell most basic items such as toothpaste, soap, beer, biscuits etc in Duong Dong, laundries are also here which are much cheaper than resort prices. There are a couple of pharmacies dotted around and the odd basic clothes shop, not high fashion obviously, but youll find the basics that you need.


Pearl Shops

High quality items featuring South Sea pearls can be purchased from one of the islands pearl shops – the price tags match the quality of the pieces.

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