Pavements in Hanoi Vietnam – an unique cuture

Published:  14:29 Tuesday - September 20, 2011 Foreign visitors in Vietban travel to Hanoi are impressed by pavements where they can chat, drink tea or coffee, and even have something to eat.

Mayu Takeda, a Vietnamese Japanese student, says she loves Hanoi’s pavements, through which she can learn more about the city’s in-depth stories.

Mayu often goes around Hanoi old quarters  to get to know about people’s lives and daily activities. “Sitting on the pavement, looking around and listening to different voices, you will know what is happening in Hanoi,” she says.

Travel to Vietnam to visit relatives and friends, the 21-year student takes every opportunity to enjoy life here in Hanoi. She left the country when she was just four years old, but the country is always in her heart.

Michael, a tourist from the US, first traveled to Vietnam five years ago. This time he has brought his friends, who are very eager to explore Hanoi. “You can get everything you need on the pavements,” Michel says, adding that the prices are much cheaper than in the shops.“There is no place like Hanoi, where you can see, either poor or rich people, interacting with each other. And, it’s undeniable that the 'motorbike civilization' has contributed to the 'pavement economy' which helps thousands of people earn their living,” he says.

Strolling around Hoan Kiem (Returned Sword) Lake, Andreas, a journalist from Germany, feels very excited to see people on the move.

Andreas says he likes sitting on the pavement, listening to the mixed sounds, drinking tea or coffee and seeing what's happening around him. “In the evening, the streets are less busy but more quiet. It’s time for me to go out and enjoy the atmosphere of open air-living. Life on the streets is something new and special, like a piece of documentary film about Hanoi and Hanoians.”

With the last rays of the sun disappearing and less noise echoing from transport vehicles, Hanoi is closing its day to enter a paradise filled with joy and excitement.

Soaking up the life of the streets which look both old and new, traditional and modern, you will see that nothing is more refreshing to enjoy after long working hours than a cup of coffee near Hoan Kiem Lake.

There are many famous coffee shops in the city, from Nang Cafe (6 Hang Bac), Nhan Cafe (39D1 Hang Hanh), and Cafe Mai (Nguyen Du) to Cafe Giang (Hang Gai), and Cafe Lam (60, 91 Nguyen Huu Huan), which are ideal for old friends to meet and chat in the romantic atmosphere of the city.

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