Dong Ho folk painting contest launched

Published:  09:57 Friday - May 17, 2013

Dong Ho folk painting contest launched

The children’s painting contest ‘I Draw the Country’ was launched in Hanoi on May 16 by the Association of UNESCO Clubs in Hanoi and the Heritage Inns.

The contest is open to children between the ages of four and nine in kindergartens and primary schools across the country.

Compeition entrants can use any medium to create their own original paintings on size A3 paper based on the theme of one of the ten original Dong Ho folk paintings, which were announced by the organising board. Children are encouraged to use bright colours, particularly the four basic colours of Dong Ho paintings, including black, green, yellow and red.

Each contestant is allowed to send up to three entries to the Heritage Inns, 115/9 Nui Truc Alley, Nui Truc Street, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi before July 16.

A awards ceremony and an exhibition to honour the 30 best entries will be held on August 10. The first prize winner will be presented a certificate of merit and cash prize of VND 5 million while two second and three third place winners will receive VND2 million and VND1 million each, respectively.

The 30 finalists will also win a field trip to the Dong Ho folk painting village to see how the traditional paintings are made.

The contest aims to help children to learn more about Dong Ho painting and encourage them to preserve and promote this valuable traditional Vietnamese art form.

(Source: VNA/ Translated by Nhan Dan Online)

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