Hanoi Nightlife

Published:  22:31 Wednesday - December 29, 2010 Hanoi is not world famous for its nightlife and some visitors find it outright staid but there are some places worth checking out and – as everywhere – it's all out there if you look for it.

Perhaps the most prolific side to Hanoi's after-work activities is its many beer bars selling 'bia hoi (fresh beer) where a glass costs a fraction of what it would in the west. One famous travel guide claims that US$10 will buy you (and hopefully your friends) 100 beers!

Once again, the Old Quarter of the city is the place to be for night moves. 

Bia Hoi 68 Hang Quat

This is the genuine article – a 'Bia Hoi' (draught beer) bar with good and incredibly cheap beer. A bit rough around the edges and if you're into aesthetically perfect places you'd be better off heading to the Sofitel cocktail lounge. The beer may be better than at most other Bia Hois but the food certainly isn't.  

Address: 68 Hang Quat, Hoan Kiem Dist, Hanoi

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