The charm of Danang nightlife

Published:  17:41 Thursday - December 15, 2011 Nightlife in Danang has a charm of its own and you will have a rocking time which ensures complete relaxation after a long and tiring day.

Most long-term foreigners living in Da Nang will go down the road to Hoi An for entertainment and weekend fun.

However, when they opt to stay in town, or when other travelers decide to experience Da Nang, there are some attractive night spots. 


Nightlife in Danang will be fun as you will have a number of bars, discotheques and nightclubs which cater to the parties. Most of the people who are out in the evening can enjoy the latest movie in any of the cinema halls like Tran Phu No 86, Danang, and Le Do. Danang nightlife will be interesting and if you are not in the mood to do anything then you can very well sit with your favorite cocktail and enjoy the night-out with your friends. After completing the Danang tours you can come to any of the hotshot nightspots that are scattered around the city and enjoy a pint of the local beer. But if you are fishing for any branded liquor you will have to look for a while.



Apart from the movies there are other options if you are keen to experience the flavors of nightlife in Danang. All those who are keen to watch the local talents will find Nguyen Hien Dinh quite interesting. It is here that you can watch the traditional dance performances by the local artists. Apart from watching the dance performances one can have a glimpse of the musical performances at the Trung Vuong theatre. After the tours in Danang you can relax in any of the discotheques in Danang. Check out the karaoke shops which are known for their wide selection of music. Apart from the local Vietnamese songs you can listen to the English numbers. The genres include hip-hop, reggae, and old English numbers.


A discussion about nightlife in Danang will be incomplete without talking about the various discotheques and bars. One of the most important discotheques in Danang is the Phuong Dong where you have a small dance floor along with professional bartenders who will prepare the cocktails within minutes. Take a look at the Trong Dong, Tommy and the Camel Club. All of them are known for their good music. Let your hair down for a rocking time with your partner. Dance the night away with your loved one and if you are not in the mood to dance then you can relax with your favorite cocktail in Camel Club. Check out the other dance clubs in Danang like Two Star and 007.


If you like walking and discover the quite beauty, a brige, a port, a road besides sea  are the best spots. Such as Han river bridge, Thuan Phuoc brige, Tien Sa port, Hoang Sa - Truong Sa street... You will feel Danang is sparkling, modern and close.

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