Traditional Pilgrimage village in Hue

Published:  16:24 Tuesday - August 02, 2016

Traditional Pilgrimage village in Hue

Many foreigner tourists complain that they cannot not find a real Vietnamese style resort in Vietnam. It is strange that almost luxury hotels and resorts in Vietnam are in Western style. Pilgrimage resort in Hue is different: Any detail here reflects original Vietnamese old houses and satisfies both luxury and traditional requirements

Pilgrimage Village in Hue is a retreat from the fast-paced world, a place of unbelievable serenity, luxury, and peace. A blend of modern and traditional design, the resort is comprised of thatched roof brick villas that cluster around giant water lily ponds and fountains, surrounded by the rolling hills of the Vietnamese countryside.

Real Vietnamese style main gate way

Overview of Pilgrimage resort

Green garden in resort

Traditional statues all around 


Outstanding pool for relaxation

Wander along the bridge that connects the buildings, basking in the glow of the oil lamps reflecting off the water. Enjoy the attentive, friendly services provided by the staff, such as tension-melting traditional Vietnamese massage or salt rub at the spa, tai chi or yoga sessions in the cool morning air, and the fusion dishes offered in the traditional environment of Junrei Restaurant. Shuttle service and planned excursions make it easy for you to explore the city of Hue and the historical sites in the area - if you can bring yourself to leave this exceptional retreat.

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