Picturesque Hydrangea flower field in Da Lat

Published:  09:52 Monday - February 27, 2017

Tourists come to Da Lat these days, cannot visit the hydrangeas field, perhaps one of the locations cannot ignore in the city of flower.

Around 15km from the centre of the central highlands Da Lat City, the two-ha field of hydrangea flowers in full bloom look like a very wonderful picture appealing to numerous visitors.

Hydrangea is one of the famous flowers and planted in many areas across Da Lat.

When passing the red berry garden strawberry, lemon orchards laden with fruit, tourists will really surprise at the sight of the hydrangeas valley stretching under two side of a forest.

The field in Lac Duong district near a pine forest.

Valley hydrangeas are holding four towering pine surface is wide on 2,000m2, was planted as a bed, stretching as far foothills headline.

The flowers colorful hydrangeas began to boom, promises new interesting tourist site Love Valley awaits visitors to explore, enjoy.

Hydrangeas bloom from late spring to summer with comfortable temperatures between 15-27 degrees C.


Hydrangea flower field is seen as an ideal place for taking wedding photos.



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