The beauty of labour in Long Dien salt field

Published:  14:59 Monday - December 12, 2016

The beauty of labour in Long Dien salt field

Under the scorching sun, the salt in Long Dien District, Ba Ria - Vung Tau still work hard to earn a living salt.

If you have occasion to Long Hai beach, sea and lush green wilderness of Ba Ria - Vung Tau province, according to provincial highway 44A Long Dien district, you will see the salt fields stretching far away.

People are not afraid of Hell hot sun, because under the blazing hot new salt particles formed quickly. The white salt line, parallel to each other are waiting for harvest. Salt piled up into hills, a small man salt is trying to grumble salt upward. The Kut-kit and car tandem to move the salt away. Evening begins, the line continues to move, their shadows down in the water.  Must undergo strenuous working day, salt was harvested this salt, but salt sold out price the market can offer cheap rates. 

Salt is an indispensable spice in everyday meals and process the sparkling salt salty extremely hard. The work associated with the salt searing sun and sea salt, but the income of the lowest. Each day the salt is waist shirt soaked with salt to sweat. 

Salt fields in Long Hai, Ba Ria-Vung Tau province

The price of salt is very cheap

The income of salt-workers is very low

The white salt waiting for harvest

Salt piled up into hills

Salt-workers continue to work hard in the late afternoon

They shovel salt into trolleys

The results of a working day

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