The beauty of Hanoi in winter

Published:  16:29 Friday - November 18, 2016

The beauty of Hanoi in winter

Hanoi brings its own beauty in each season of a year: spring, summer, autumn and winter. The beauty of Hanoi in winter is very special with cold weather and fog that makes Hanoi has an unique beauty. Let’s enjoy the quite space and the beauty of Hanoi in winter.

Winter arrives bringing unpleasant feelings and unpleasant changes in the air, the sceneries, and the weather. Days become shorter while cold, rainy nights seem to last forever. 

The soothing coolness from autumn gradually vanishes, leaving room for the freezing chills to fill the air. Naked scrawny trees add a hint of solitary to the already gloomy streets under dark clouded sky. 

If you could spend a moment to look around a just little bit closer, you would see that Hanoi still has a lot to offer, a lot of beauty to show, even in the most ordinaries. 

When the plants completely take off its beautiful crimson and gold gowns, and when Hanoi starts to put on a show of continual drizzles and dry, chilly breezes, winter also returns to the city.

During this season, Hanoi’s streets seem to be especially crowded with street vendors and peddlers selling steamed yams and sugar canes.

The delicious scent and hot steam blow a faint whiff of warmth into the freezing air, into the mind and soul of Hanoians.  

Hiding away from winter rain under some unknown roof, with a hot, fresh cooked steamed yam in hand, suddenly all the chill and coldness seem to fade away. 

Having a walk early in the morning, feeling the chills tingled in your skin and breathing in a deep inhale of fresh, clean air, and nothing could be better and more refreshing to start your busy day. 

Its charms lie hidden in the loveliness of little daisies in pure white and beaming gold, and in the rare sunny days when the sky sees to be brighter and everything glows in liveliness

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