Get introduced to Can Wine (Ruou Can)

Published:  04:08 Thursday - July 21, 2016

Get introduced to Can Wine (Ruou Can)

Vietnam is proud with traditional wine (Ruou Can). This type of wine is not only special in taste but also the way people enjoy it - normally in a team with long separate straws

On every festival, occasion or Luna New Year in Vietnam, Tây Nguyên people have one traditional rite that drinking Cần Wine (Rượu Cần). They believe that God taught people the making wine from rice, corn and cassava. So they have to sacrifice to God on special day.

Someone bury it in land for many years to have the best wine. There are many style of this wine. Paddy wine is the rice is just harvested and mashes them in water before adding the yeast together. Finally, use the banana leaf to tide the cap and wait for 5 or 6 days to enjoy. Rice wine is made by boiled rice and mix with yeast. Rice wine is quickly made than paddy wine. You can enjoy it in next 3 or 4 days.

Yeast is formed from cinnamon leaves mixed with rice powder. Glutinous rice is soaked and then mixed with rice and bran. The rice is then steamed, cooled down and mixed with yeast powder before being placed in ceramic jars and lined fastidiously. 

Once 3 or four days, the covers of the jars are partially opened and water poured up to its neck. Long bamboo straws are plugged into jars’ mouth and also the enjoyment begins. Cần wine is sometimes drunk in teams

Rượu cần is typically drunk for special occasions such as festivals, weddings, or harvest feasts. It is often drunk by a fire or in a community house. People always dance and play music (in Tây Nguyên, they play gong) after drinking. When a guest is invited to drink rượu cần by the local people, it means that this he/she is seen as distinguished guest.

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