Colors of the night market in Can Tho

Published:  09:43 Tuesday - January 03, 2012

Colors of the night market in Can Tho

In some destinations in Vietnam, tourists don't know what to do at night because there is no activity: almost shops close, streets are empty, just a few restaurants still open but look no fun at all. Fortunately, that situation doesn't happen in Can Tho where we have a lively night market beside the river.

Not only comfortably going shopping souvenirs, tourists to Can Tho Night Market (Another name: Tay Do night market) will have a chance to explore the cultural beauty of the locals here. The night market is one of unique cultural highlights of Can Tho tourism strongly attracting tourists.

Sparkling beside the river at night

A wonderful place to buy some souvenir back home

But the greatest thing is food, you can find almost any famous dishes of the South of Vietnam here

Participating in the night market, tourists will surely have an enjoyable trip. This complex picture realistically sketches the life and the living conditions of residents in the downstream of famous Mekong River. Having the opportunity to set foot on Can Tho visiting Tay Do Night Market, tourists will feel a subtle countryside soul among a noisy and bustling city on the way of developing. Tay Do Night Market is thus one of the highlights of Can Tho tourism strongly appealing international friends.

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