Top night market in Vietnam makes conical hats

Published:  11:07 Wednesday - March 08, 2017

Top night market in Vietnam makes conical hats

Located about 30km north of the city of Qui Nhon in the province of Binh Dinh, the Go Gang Market, opens nightly from 2-5am and is known for its special product, the ‘nón lá’ (conical leaf hat).

This small village is often crowded with visitors who come here to place orders and watch the weavers make the conical hats, which has become a ubiquitous symbol of Vietnam. 

The job does not bring high income to local people but it is part of the traditional culture of the village, which has been handed down for generations.

The Go Gang Market has its origins in the Tay Son Dynasty dating back to the 18th century to serve the soldiers of King Quang Trung. 

The operating hours of the market have been maintained for centuries.

A weaver can make from seven to 10 hats per night and sell them for about US$.50 (VND10,000) each. 

Interestingly, Go Gang conical hats are sold in markets throughout Vietnam and some are even exported to countries such as Laos and Cambodia.

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