Vietnamese Young Generation with Color Me Run

Published:  09:37 Saturday - July 23, 2016

Vietnamese Young Generation with Color Me Run

40 years after the war, young generation in Vietnam who have never ever heard a sound of gun or known about the cruelty of violet war catch up quickly with youth all over the world. They are representatives of a new and modern Vietnam, they are lively growing and improving, leaving behind the poverty in the past

The Color Run is an event series and five km paint race that is owned and operated by The Color Run LLC. The untimed event has no winners or prizes, but runners are showered with colored powder, made of food-grade corn starch, at stations along the run. When arriving Vietnam, the even has the name Color Me Run and attracted a large number of youth who want to join fun and active outdoor event: 

Colorful  and exciting crowd

Strengthen friendship together

Have fun with team 

No one will be the winner, just have fun around 

Smiley young faces


Romantic moment in the colors

Everyone is winner

The Color Run, LLC a for-profit organization, partners with a national or local charity at each event, such as a children’s hospital or a local food pantry in Africa. This is a healthy and meaningful event to the youth, a chance to tighten friendship and have unforgetable memories in their shool time. 

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