Vietnam Kite Festival

Published:  09:45 Friday - July 22, 2016

Vietnam Kite Festival

Fly, fly, fly. fly so high.... is the exciting feeling when a child is playing with kite. Some children grow up with that childhood, they decide to continue that dream with giant colorful kites. Kites festival is taken place frequently in Vietnam where both adults and children can see most beautiful kites in the world.

Kites are part of childhood of many Vietnamese children. The wind is blowing in the city square. Coils of string are brought out and kites begin to fill the sky, the wind lifts them higher and higher.

Kites festival is hold frequently in Vietnam. At the festival, the organization board presented more than 500 kites to visitors who felt excited when they themselves participated in flying kites.

During the festival, artisans showed the viewers wonderful performances with hundreds of kites in diverse sizes and unique shapes of fish, phoenix, dragon and octopus. They also made kites under the theme of landscapes, islands and sea that conveys a message of “Vietnam, a peace loving nation and on the way of international integration

The image of kites is very familiar to Vietnamese people and it is closely attached to their childhood and peaceful countryside landscape. Therefore, participating in the festival tourists seemed to back to their childhood’s sweet memories. 

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